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Our writers at The Liberty Bunker

Louis Seagray

Louis Seagray is a contributor at The Liberty Bunker. He is a graduate of Memphis State with a BS in Accounting and four minors, he speaks three additional languages (French, Russian and Portuguese), he holds several patents on various inventions. He has published numerous books, including one that landed ‘Best New Release’ from the NY Times in 2015.

David Risselada

David Risselada earned a master’s degree in professional writing from Liberty University in October of 2020. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. David has a unique insight into leftist thinking and the sociopolitical issues facing the nation because he was exposed to the social justice agenda while pursuing his education in Social Work. After being told he wasn’t fit for the field because of opposition to concepts like white privilege, he took to writing and researching to not only share his experience but expose it as well.

JD Washington

JD Washington is a special contributor to The Liberty Bunker. JD is best known for his work at The Liberty Loft where he was a founder and is a regular contributor. He is a graduate of Liberty University where he studied Accounting and Business Administration.